List Leverage

The technology behind List Leverage focuses on pinpointing the specific leads that are successfully converting sales while utilizing proven monetizing strategies that are designed to create newfound streams of income from members of your email list that are not making any direct purchases. List Leverage also offers its members direct access to the knowledge and practices used by highly successful online businesses so they can elevate their business to its highest potential. List Leverage is partnered with SendShark, which the hottest auto responder in the industry. SendShark’s platform has the ability to instantly send mass broadcast messages to every lead that the system has captured and stored for you. Simply imagine the revenue created when thousands of people subscribed to your email list all receive a mass broadcast message at the same time. Obviously, your profit margin will see a healthy increase.



List Leverage’s revolutionary platform was created by a proven and highly successful email marketing genius with over a decade of industry experience named Matthew Neer. Simply put, he knows which methods are the most successful and productive when it comes to emailing your lists, writing high converting emails and generating consumer interest in business products and product launches. The business opportunity that List Leverage presents is truly special, creative and revolutionary. Just think about all of the available possibilities for a minute. Your system signs up a hundred people who subsequently generate a thousand leads each with the List Leverage business platform. Ultimately, your team would have generated a total amount of 100,000 leads that are placed directly into your email list. The best part of all of this is the compensation pay. You will receive a whopping 20% compensation payment for every lead that has been generated, which in this case totals 20,000 leads. Please keep in mind that every one of these leads is a direct result of your referrals, which can be gathered completely free of charge. This opportunity is a one of a kind and there is no time like the present to put the power of List Leverage at your side and give your profit margin a boost. Time to jump off the fence!



Now we will take a look at SendShark, which gives you the ability to send mail out to 50,000 subscribers for only $25.00 a month along with an added bonus. You will also be able to collect 50% in residual commissions and that is a real sweetener. The ultra fast SendShark features unlimited follow ups, a full functioning API, and a timed series of single emails that are specifically filtered to reach whom you want when you want and all of the emails are guaranteed to reach your subscriber’s inboxes. Best of all, you can maximize your impact with unlimited segmenting of groups and campaigns, personalization options, forms and the easy to use HTML editor.

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