Video Hosting & Streaming

    Choosing the right video hosting platform for your business model and specific needs can be a very slippery slope. Whether you are selling your own products and services or selling products as an affiliate marketer, a reliable and professional hosting platform is essential to the success of your business. Far too many video hosting platforms are very expensive and they all seem to add unexpected charges to your membership costs. Then there are the free platforms such as YouTube, which are so saturated with business advertisements and videos that interference to your advertising campaigns becomes inevitable. Unfortunately, these same platforms can take your videos down at any time they want, which ultimately results in missed opportunities to connect with potential customers and clients. This fact alone is the primary reason most people choose to pay for video hosting that assures all of their videos will be 100% ad free and guaranteed to remain active and online. Now let me introduce you to Viduber, a fresh and revolutionary video hosting, streaming and sharing platform that truly sets the bar for every video hosting platform in this rapidly growing industry. Viduber is poised and ready to dominate the marketplace with 100% ad free hosting services and an unparalleled two‐tiered commission plan that features a 35% direct commissioned payment on all referrals along with a 25% matching bonus whenever your referrals are responsible for a new membership. The combined commissioned payments from these two tiers adds up to a whopping 60% payout that dwarfs any commission payments available from the other video hosting platforms in the industry. Viduber enables their users to live stream across multiple social media platforms, which makes it refreshingly easy to record, share and host any video that you wish to make public. There is never a need to worry about your videos being taken down, subsequently causing your advertising campaigns to come to a screeching halt.

    Search Engine Optimization

    The vast majority of people rely on the internet to find products, services and businesses so ideally your website should appear at the top of the search engine results page. If not, potential consumers and valuable leads are passing you by. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an invaluable service that will dramatically increase the number of qualified leads and sales for your business. SEO is also designed to increase the amount of organic traffic (site traffic generated from search engines) directed to your website as opposed to the use of paid ads for traffic. An effective SEO strategy contains a variety of tactics that are used to make your website’s keywords more visible and easily found by search engines. It is the search engine’s algorithms  that determine the ranking order of websites when a search is performed and there are many factors that are taken into consideration. Some of these factors include the relevance of your website’s content to the keywords entered into the search engine, the number of quality external links, social media interaction, mobile responsiveness and the site’s browsing speed. Our SEO services deliver the results that our customers demand at an affordable price. This is accomplished by identifying the most effective keywords through research and competitive analysis, establishing external links from highly reputable sites as well as providing excellent content that will keep your website fresh and at the top of the search rankings. Please keep in mind, all of our clients can expect to see a noticeable increase in their website’s search engine rankings in well under a year and the amount of traffic and business growth will increase exponentially as the website’s content improves.

    Logo Branding

    A unique and professionally designed logo is essential to your business’s success and positive public perception. The vast majority of consumers decide whether or not they will make a purchase within seconds after being introduced to your business, so it’s very important to make a good first impression and an excellent logo is a great way to inform potential customers of your company’s professionalism and quality of your products and/or services. Our team will painstakingly design a highly distinctive logo that is easily recognizable, very detail oriented, appropriately suited for the nature of your business and it must be able to effectively perform across multiple forms of media and reach a wider consumer base.

    Strategic Marketing

    Strategic marketing plays a vital role in a company’s success since it is derived from tactical planning that has identified the multitude of variables that lead to new market opportunities. We diligently take your goals, strategies, tactics and objectives and apply them to your particular marketing campaign to ensure that the end result is not only successful but exactly what you envisioned.

    Social Media Marketing

    Social media marketing is a very effective and powerful method for all types of businesses to reach prospective customers. Since many people all over the world are interacting on social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and many others, it is essential to build a strong social media marketing campaign that will generate remarkable results and profits for your business. Trigger words that ignite a consumer response is a key element of SMM (Social Media Marketing) as is excellent content that provides information that is both valuable and interesting. Consistent logo branding plays a very important role in a successful SSM campaign since your brand image will appear on a wide variety of social platforms and is the identifying image for your company. Ideally, a smart social media marketing campaign will place your logo brand into the minds of many interested people worldwide that will advocate your business by sharing the link to your website with other prospective consumers or by simply providing positive feedback.

    Video Sales Letters

    There are very few advertising methods that will generate more profits than a professionally designed video sales letter. An essential component of an effective VSL is excellent copywriting that specifically caters to your core audience. This will ultimately capture the consumer’s interest and persuade them to take action. Also, the video sales letter must focus on a predominant idea or it simply won’t succeed.  Consumer decisions are almost always made within the first thirty seconds of a presentation so it is very important to be concise and focus on the grandiose idea that you are pitching to your potential customers to maximize a VSL’s effectiveness.

    Mobile Marketing

    Mobile marketing is a technique that focuses on the use of smartphones and tablets. Well over two billion people use smartphones so it is a wise decision to capitalize on such an effective marketing platform that is closely tied to the lush social media marketing bonanza. Since cell phones have become the easiest method to access the internet, it goes without saying that a strong mobile marketing campaign can make an overwhelming difference in a business’s success. We will help you develop a mobile marketing strategy that is concise and appeals to your targeted audience which will result in a noticeable increase in your profit margin and consumer base.

    Video Marketing 

    We focus on creating videos that harness the power of the internet by delivering a powerful marketing message to online communities and individuals that have high networking potential so the video is replicated and shared with many others. Ideally, this will result in a viral video that generates mass exposure to potential customers that are interested in your business. A successful video should be unique, creative and able to captivate the consumer’s interest without being overly lengthy. These are the exact specifications that we use to create an end product that generates massive increases in company profits and great consumer feedback.

    Mint Mobile

    We are all looking for cell phone plans that are cost effective yet offer excellent coverage with unlimited text, talk and data plans. These days, there are many prepaid plans to choose from and amongst the best is Mint Mobile. They run off of the T‑Mobile network, which is constantly upgrading to reach more people nationwide while providing ultra capacity 5G support at no additional cost. What’s more, upon signing up for service Mint Mobile will provide a free SIM card kit and just about any android phone is compatible with their service. You will also have the ability to keep your current number or switch to a new number if you’d like and Mint Mobile’s prices are phenomenal with a wide variety of plans to choose from. There is currently a three‐month unlimited plan for $90 that comes with an additional three months for free. Mint Mobile is simply awesome!



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